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Memories of the Sapphire Rose Garden
Stolen memories…

**Release 2019**
*Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Scifi, Multicultural Romance*

Silk Blade Book 3.5
The Dragon Queen Series
Beyond the shadows…
Born in the demon realm and cursed to inhabit the earthly realm, Princess Tamiro Saito lives her life surrounded by humans, but shrouded from their sight. When she receives the unwelcomed news that she is to wed a shifter from her enemy pack, she does everything in her power to sabotage their union.

**Release 2018**
*Multicultural Romance / Dark Fantasy*

Rock Star Lover 2
The Carnal Diaries Series
Lost in translation…
Clothing designer, Wynter Jewel is offered a job that whisks her away to one of the most fashionable cites in the world—Seoul, Korea. Focused on this new challenge, she has no time for distractions. But she finds it hard to deny her attraction to the sexy rock star, Akira Fiji.
**Release 2018**
*Interracial Erotic Romance*

Crimson Days
Crossing the line…
Alexis Winsort is one of the fiercest knights in the Cross Federation. She’s sworn to exterminate all the demonic creatures who have taken refuge near mankind. What will she do when a close friend is forced into the darkness and becomes member of the undead?
**Release 2018**
*Interracial Romance / Steampunk*

Scattered Flames Book 3
The Dragon Queen Series

The saga continues…
Embark on a quest with six earthly bound battle angels as they defend the dragon queen from the forces who seek to eliminate her. But are they prepared to protect her from herself?

**Announced on series site -** 
*Paranormal Romance / Dark Urban Fantasy / Multicultural Romance*

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